Courtney Chessen & Lori Waller


After growing up in New York and Connecticut and attending The Taft School,  Courtney studied art history, art studio and economics at Dartmouth College. She went on to study and work abroad, including spending 3 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but then decided to put her creative ambitions on hold and work as a financial analyst on Wall Street for 10 years. When her creative passions finally won out, she decided to attend the New York School of Interior Design, after which she worked at several interior design firms before making her way to Chicago and (thankfully) landing at the same firm as Lori. 


Meanwhile, a rural Minnesota farm girl who made all her own clothes gets a degree in art from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and then gets accepted into the graduate program at the Art Institute in Chicago. But Lori found her pockets needed filling, so being a renaissance woman at heart, she got a job in the computer science department at Northwestern University where she learned invaluable computer programming skills, while continuing to fulfill her creative urges by making furniture, drapery and wedding dresses.  She even bartered making dresses for an entire bridal party in exchange for a shopping spree at a power tools store.


It wasn't until she took a job at an Interior Design firm in Winnetka that her passion for design kicked in and her skill set as a seamstress was finally put to use. And when Courtney started working there, they quickly realized that their great rapport and similar aesthetics would make for a perfect partnership.


The girls have an unpretentious approach to design.

With an immaculate attention to detail and a fresh twist on a classic aesthetic, they embrace every project with a delightful eagerness and a sensitivity toward a practical lifestyle. They work productively and efficiently with any budget, and they love every minute of it.